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Posted on 4 October 2017, By Nagesh

VAANDU movie news

vaandu is a 2017, Tamil Film Directed by the Debutant "Vashan Shaji". Who has worked as an erstwhile associate to Director Selva Raghavan and as Co-directors & Assistant director with other popular directors of Kollywood.

The movie stars "MahaGandhi" - ThadayaraThakka & Komban Villain, "Rama"- Madras , "SaiDeena" - Jigarthanda Villain, "BhuvanaShree" - Romeo Juliet, "Ravishankar" -Robo 2 , Winner "Ramachandiran"-Winner Film Producer and Numerous debutant Artists such as "Chinu", "S.R.Guna", "Allwin" & "Shigaa" as heroine & etc., etc., as Main characters.

Vaandu Film is a Raw subject, which narrates a story of North Chennai earlier which was famously known as North Madras (Vada Chennai). This Film tells about the conflicts, anger, frustration between 'Two Young Boys and an emotional relationship between the Student & the Master of Kick Boxing which was earlier known as Street Fight- a game of death in 1970’s -1971’, which was legally banned by the Police Department & Government but illegally matches were conducted in localities of North Madras. This game of death, which took lots of Life’s & many left injured behind and the death game continues till today..... !

The movie is lively shot in major localities of North Chennai. The story travels between a boy of poor family background, who wants to become a Fighter like his Father and a boy from rich family who goes coaching with a Master & learns professionally. In one stage the poor boys joins the coaching & learns the Art of Kick boxing and impresses his master. Later master gets close to the poor boy; this makes the rich boy go against to the poor boy & his master itself. Later on conflicts between the boys goes severe. A Local Don makes benefit of this conflicts & makes money by fixing the Fight between the above said ‘vaandugal’ with the help of local Inspector. So, second half of the story tells you about what happens between poor boy-rich boy’s conflict, student-master emotions & lots more. At last the story awaits the audience in hot seat for the climax at the End....!

The Film Title 'Vaandu' itself says all about the script is... believe it or not the film has abundant Emotions & required Actions. ‘when with the combination of emotions, love & actions of bringing the imagination into Motion picture’ is all about the screenplay which was carefully carried & sustained by the captain of the ship - the Director’ to present the film in raw manner.

We have done a decent, honest attempt with the new team and effort from the whole team of Cast & Crew has brought a fantabulous output. We are confident, happy with our story, screenplay & performances. Film will be definitely a second the watchable film to the audiences of all the ages. Hope every one of you will Support our Film & make it grand success and welcome our Team to get recognized in the legendary Kollywood of Indian cinema...!

Vaandu Crew

Director: Vashan Shaji
Screenplay: Vashan Shaji
Story: Vashan Shaji
Production: MM Power Cine Creations
Music: A.R.Nesan
Lyrics: Mohan Rajan
Background: A.R.Nesan
Cinematography: Ramesh & V. Mahendran
Editing: Priyan
Choreography: Boby Antony
Stunt: Om Prakash

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