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Mrs India 2017 Grand Finale Held On 4th July 2017 - Events Gallery

Posted on 6 July 2017, By Shyam

Mrs. India 2017 - Grand Finale held on 4th July 2017

The grand finale of Mrs India pageant was held on 4th July 2017 at Feathers Hotel. 47 finalists competed to win the glorious crown. Winners of Mrs India North 2017, Mrs India South 2017 and Mrs India West 2017, Mrs India Karnataka 2017, Mrs India Kerala 2017, Mrs India Rajasthan 2017, Mrs India Himachal Pradesh 2017 and Mrs India Chhattisgarh entered into the final in the presence of the judges

Bony Sashidharan - Hair Expert ,Neetha Bhoopalan - Foods Branding Expert & Celebrity Food Consultant, Dr. Mayil Vaganan Dorai Scientific Professional and ?Mr. Nalli Kuppuswami and Dr. Renuka David - Woman Entrepreneur.

While most pageants focus only on looks, Mrs. India stands apart by celebrating the confidence, attitude and achievements of a married woman. The contestants actively took part to help and support various social causes like women empowerment, education, environmental issues, mental health and more as part of the selection process.

About Mrs India

Mrs India is trademark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd, Official Host of World’s premium beauty Pageants such as Mrs World, Mrs Planet and Mrs Asia International. The Pageant is founded by Ms. Deepali Phadnis, Founder of Mrs. India and former Mrs. Asia international. Mrs. India is the only beauty pageant for married women in the country allowing them to come together in a celebration of not only their beauty, but their Talent, Glamour and Culture.

The following contestants took the glorious crowns home:

Mrs India Winner

Tripathi Arwind
Prachi Agrawal
Dr Duyu Meena Mudang

Classic Mrs India Winner

Kalpana Thakur
Mamta Trivedi
Rinku Bhagat

Mrs India Runner

First Runner up Shweta Sing
Second Runner up Shubhi Grover Kapoor
Third Runner up Dr Shruthi Gowda

Classic Mrs India Runner

First Runner up Jyoti Rupal
Second Runner Zeeba Ghatak
Third Runner up Aruna Sing

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