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Posted on 8 September 2017, By Nagesh

Kids and parents celebrate their talent at Best Parent and Child Jodi 2017 organized by Merry Go Around C Club and Ampa Skywalk

Merry Go Around C Club and Ampa Skywalk organized ‘Best Parent and Child Jodi 2017’, a competition where parents took part in various activities with his/her child as a partner. Held at Ampa Skywalk, this competition had two Categories - Category A for age group 5-8 years and Category B for age group 9-12 years.

There were three rounds to this competition .Starting with a selfie challenge where the parent had to make a selfie collage with their child creatively depicting some message or caption. These parents and kids showed varied choice of themes ranging from reflection to Tom and Jerry to multiple generations to love to innocence etc. The second round was an off stage round divided into four categories.The first round was an obstacle course where the parent and child together compete. It was fun to watch children pushing their parents to run faster and clear the hurdles with them. This was followed by a photo scavenger hunt which was an absolute pleasure to watch the parent and child running around the mall and clicking pictures with strangers and having fun. It was fun to see even the mall crowd supporting and encouraging the participants. The second round was the "Shopping cart" game. It was a simple but strategic game where the parent had to identify the top ten items their child shopped with no money restriction. Simultaneously the child also had to prioritize their shopping list based on their personal favourites. Parents had an eye opening revelation about how well they knew their kids choice of favourite items. The last round was a mystery box containing two activities one being best out of waste and the other was clay modelling. It was an amazing sight to watch each parent come up with different and wonderful ideas for this activity. The third round had its own twist. The parent and child had their one hand tied together and had to work with 3 hands. It was fun to see different strategies parents and kids use to overcome this challenge thrown at them.

The Finale was the on stage round on the 3rd of September 2017.The Jodi together showcased their talent either in acting or dancing with the theme of the whole show being "Role reversal". It was heartening to see the efforts put in by parents and children especially so many who were performing for the first time ever in front of a mall full of audience watching them. They did it just because they wanted to do something with and for their children. The event was judged by ParivuDr.Sakthivel, Mr.BrindaSivakumar and Mrs.Babita Chopra. Since this was a parent and child event Mr.Sakthivel was ably supported by his Daughter SnekaSakthivel to judge the event from a child's perspective as well. We had two best Parent and Child jodis in the age category of 5 - 8 yrs and 9 - 12 yrs. The event was very well appreciated by the judges, audience and the participants.
The winners of the event were KunalBhandari and TanishqBhandari won the first prize and TamanaSarda and YuvanshSarda won the second place in junior category. Dr. Dhivya Raj and Aditya Raj senior and Rinku and Jishasaklecha won the first and second place in the senior category.

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