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Posted on 26 February 2017, By Nagesh

The maiden production of ‘Auraa Cinemas’ starring Veera is titled as ‘Arasiyala Idhellam Saadharanamappa’

Mahesh Govindaraaj of ‘Auraa Cinemas’ has strongly imprinted his name in the world of distribution through several super hit blockbuster films. The successful and quality distributor has now stepped into production through their maiden film ‘Arasiyala Idhellam Saadharanamappa’. Starring Veera of ‘Rajathandiram’ fame, this out-and-out comedy flick is directed by debutante Avinash Hariharan, who is pretty known for his short films and commercials. The title was revealed along with a video promo by Director Gautham Vasudev Menon recently, and it is receiving huge response.

This film is a complete humor script and the backdrop of our story is politics. The audience can connect and relate themselves to the film as Politics and Humour are going hand to hand now days. The search.of a heroine is on full swing. Madley Blues composes the music for our film and tand we are on the verge of finalizing the other cast and crew shortly. The knowledge Mahesh Govindaraaj of Auraa Cinemas had derived as a successful distributor is giving a great value to the project in terms of casting and promotions. The presence of My mentor Gautham vasudev menon in the maharat and his gracious acceptance to Tweet the promo video spells the right signals to the project, says actor Veera, the hero of ‘Arasiyala Idhellam Saadharanamappa'.

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