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Juggan Kazim - Pakistani Film Actress - Photo Gallery and Biography

Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim known by the stage name Juggan 'Jay' Kazim is a Pakistani-Canadian actress, model, and television host. She has worked in numerous Pakistani and Canadian films. She was nominated for MTV Model of the Year in 2008.In March 2010, Kazim was named as L'Oréal's 'Brand Ambassador' for their Garnier brand of hair and skin-care products in Pakistan.

Juggan Kazim Biography

  • Artist Name: Juggan Kazim
  • Date of Birth: 7 January 1981
  • Other Names: Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim
  • Years Active:
  • Profession: Model, Film actress, TV actress, TV anchor
  • Mother Tongue: Urdu
  • Language Active:
  • Place of Birth: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Debut:

Juggan Kazim Photo Gallery

Juggan Kazim Filmography

Television / Shows

Sher Dil
Aik Pal
Saiqa - Hum TV
Meri Un Suni Kahaani
Kagaz Ki Nao
Naa Jane Kyun
Patli Gali (2010)
Yeh Subh Tumhari Hai
Rangeel pur (ptv home)
Pani Jaisa Piyar
" Mishaal (ptv home)"
Beanbag (Business Plus)
CEO (Business Plus)
Aaj Entertainment Tonight (Aaj TV)
Fashion Stop (Ary Digital)
Sunday Brunch (Aaj TV)
Morning with Hum Weekend Edition (Hum TV)
Aik Din Juggun Kay Saath (Vibe TV)
Honestly Speaking with Juggun Kazim (PTV)
The Final Verdict with Juggun Kazim (Filmax)
VIPs only (Aag TV)
Mast Mornings (Dawn News)
Yeh Subh Tumhari Hai (Express News)

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