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Posted on 26 April 2013, By Nagesh

Akam is a Malyalam movie directed by Shalini Usha Nair and produced by Box Office Cinema Pvt Ltd. Cast includes Fahadh Faasil, Anumol, Prakash Bare, Shelly and others.

AKAM Synopsis

The film is loosely based on the novel, Yakshi, by Malayatoor Ramakrishnan written in 1969. A Yakshi is a female demon who, in the guise of a beautiful woman, seduces men and drinks their blood. Though firmly rooted in the culture of Kerala, the demonisation of female sexuality is a universal phenomenon and finds reverberations in myths of other cultures around the world, like that of the Succubus, Yuki-onna, Incubus etc.

Akam is the story of Srini, a young architect, who starts suspecting that his beautiful wife is a yakshi.

Akam, the film, is a contemporary retelling of a classic that is embedded in the Malayalee psyche.

Release Date: April 26th 2013

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